Friday, March 26, 2010

Connecting from the heart

It was Friday the 26th of March, finally there after a sleepless night and a never ending day it was finally 6pm. How nice to see many of my friends and new faces.
The doors opened at Zakay Glass gallery in Byron Bay, where Samaya and Asaf Zakay have been busy for days preparing for the event.

My wife and I set as a goal to connect to the work with their hearts.
I am discovering that the paintings are my way to express "soul connection" and to inspire others to remember or strengthen their soul connection.

Rosie Jones had made an amazing opening speech that touched me deeply.

I have a feeling that this exhibition will be a key turning point to many new things to come.
Photos by
more photos can be viewed at

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stones Corner Hotel Brisbane artwork of Byron Tik

Work of 2008 & 09 is on exhibit at the Stones Corner Hotel in Brisbane .

The Red and Black painting titled,"inverted" has been sold via the Hotel to a collector from Ipswitch.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sunney Gabriel

A photo of my sweet boy Sunney, what a bundle of joy.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Byron Bay artist Dairy, publication of artwork

This drawing of the Bangalow markets has been selected for the December month of the 2010 Artists Diary

Exhibition Zakay Glass 26th March

My first exhibition for 2010 will be on march 26th, 3 - 102 centennial circuit, at the Zakay Glass Gallery.
Expect textured works, some of 1 x 2 meter large. Patterns and colours are hughely influenced by sacred geometry and the glassworks on display at Zakay Glass.

Gallery and studio Move to Nimbin art community

The Byron Tik Studio and Gallery has moved, we have decide to buy a house and studio in the Historic city of Nimbin.
I am currently working on my new series which will be exhibited in March.
The studio is open by appointment.

Red tent Yoga Byron Bay, Art Exhibition and Representation

Work is on permanent display at the old Byrontik gallery at 5-102 centennial circuit Byron Bay.
The space is now run by Red tent yoga and art space.

Byron Tik Gallery Centennial circuit

After two and a half years of my studio at Tasman way I moved to 5 / 102 Centennial circuit. I have used this space since January 2009. The location has been a lot busier and has proved to be an excellent space for creativity and expansion of my client database.
At this location I also represented several other artists.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sun Burst, creative power, art

sunburst 1mtr x 2mtr
price $5200
oil paint on canvas

- choosing to be in your creative power and accepting of your shadow, knowing it is part of you, and still reaching for your dreams, receiving/ being in contact with the light/ higher self/source, basking in its infinite energy/wisdom. spirituality artistic. original oil painting.

Painting colour therapy, spiritual art

Spirituality within, expressions of healing art, explorations of colour therapy. With this piece I deeper explore the concepts of; – being able to immerse yourself as the onlooker, within the painting, – allowing the colors of the painting to protrude into your energy field. I have started to portrait the soul, or energy body as a primitive soul being, mirrored on top of the body. This soul being, started to emerge from some “primitive-style” paintings that I have recently been working on after I painted the painting titled: “sunburst”

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Echo newspaper add the gathering Byron Bay Galleries

Current Exhibitions
the new Buddha Bar, aka. Piggery or arts factory Byron Bay.
Retrospect Galleries Byron Bay
Escape Gallery Murwillumbah
Byron Tik art Gallery and studio
original sensual art for sale

Opening new Artsfactory Buddha Bar art exhibitions

It has happened, the new and improved Buddha Bar in the Historical 'piggery' building has opened its doors. I am proud to be the arts curator of the building and wil be showcasing work of about 6 artists at once.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Exhibition Giorgio Casu 12th feb. New York

Echibition of my friend Giorgio Casu in New York, I hope it goes great for him:)visit his site on

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Saturday Night Arts Market, byron tik will be painting on

Many of our local talents can be found at this great new event on Saturday night, come check out the great art Saturday night at the railway park I will be painting there live on a regular basis

With BAM showcasing the best of local arts and crafts it provides a great
opportunity for tourists to see what is on offer in the region. As a small night
market based in the centre of Byron Bay it is a tangible means of displaying
the culture and vibrancy of our community. BAM will promote the Byron
region as the place to come to find originality and creative pieces of art &

All proceeds from the management of the BAM will go towards the operation
and promotion of the market and to support the running of the Street Cruise
program, an initiative of Byron Youth Service. Please refer to:
International research conducted by The Ford Foundation in 2002
demonstrated that markets impact on social integration by:
- bringing together diverse people
- creating active public spaces

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Evolve arts festival live painting at the cocktail bar, byron bay art festivals

Another fun gig, live paintings in the cocktail Bar at the Evolve Arts festival with a gallery space that is fully looked after by their staff so I am able to be more involved in the festivities and fun

To see the Artists for the cocktail Bar so far please follow the link
to the relevant page on our website:

They should make some very interesting and raw material for me and
there's more to come...
check out the festival it looks like it is going to be a lot of fun

Monday, August 25, 2008

Arts coaching Private tuition at Byron Tik Studio Gallery Atelier painting and Drawing

Byron Tik Art Studio
Paintings fuelled with expression,
passion and energy. Byron’s art
studio / gallery in the Arts and
Industry Estate showcases a
unique body of work.
Choose a painting from the
existing collection, or commission
a portrait. Byron’s work has a
large international client base and
works are exhibited in several
emerging galleries.
Besides his own work, Byron
also provides ‘art coaching’
which is tailor made, private
tuition that focusses on what you
need, to reach your full creative

Byron Arts and Industrial estate Byron Tik art Gallery paintings

A New Focus on
Byron Arts & Industry
A new and exciting line up of projects and
events has been announced by Byron Arts &
Industry Focus (BAI Focus), the new group
formed to represent businesses within the
thriving Byron Arts & Industry Estate. The
fi rst initiative is to rename it the Byron Arts
& Industry Park (BAIP), which will be tagged
with, ‘Uniquely Byron’. A new campaign to
promote the BAIP will commence
immediately to bring the community, that
accounts for almost one third of Byron Bay’s
businesses into focus.
“With over 300 businesses here in the
Byron Arts & Industry Park alone, we have a
huge pool of talent and resources and a
strong will to move forward with our
objectives”, says BAI Focus Chairman, Sean
“Our mission objective is simple, and that is
to be a community voice where none has
existed before. We will initiate schemes and
promote the Byron Arts & Industry Park for
the businesses here, and provide a forum
for discussion and feedback.”
For the last three years the Byron Arts &
Industry Estate has had a Pocket Guide. BAI
Focus plans to expand the Pocket Guide as
well as advertise the immense diversity of
shopping and services within the BAIP. The
Pocket Guide is available throughout the
BAIP and at the Visitors Centre in Byron or
check out
It is the diversity of enterprise in these few
acres that really sets Byron Arts & Industry
Park apart from other ‘industrial zones’.
Where else can you shop at some of the
shire’s most innovative outlets while you get
your car fi xed? You can buy your groceries, a
work of art, solar panels, designer fashions,
jewellery and crystals, the latest in interior
design, a broad range of surf boards &
accessories, a cube of road-base, and
re-gyprock your castle without having to
leave the area. There’s ample free parking
right next to the places you need to visit,
kid’s playzones, technicians, mechanics, and
engineers of every sort, and even a fl ying
trapeze! There are excellent cafes and
bakeries to grab a bite or get a coffee. You
can even fi nish the afternoon with a visit to
the hairdressers and a session at the gym.
Now that’s diversity!
Among the host of projects now underway
are new branding and signage, transport to
and from the BAIP, electric bicycle rental
while you are there, artist and fashion trails,
special events including markets, street
fairs, extended opening hours, and late night
shopping, and advertising in areas outside
the shire to bring more visitors to Byron Bay
in general.
BAI Focus is now taking membership and
sponsorship and initially targeting signage
and beautifi cation so any donations will be
gratefully accepted.
and/or businesses in the BAIP and is $30/
year plus an optional donation.
and is also $30/year plus an optional
Those interested in becoming a member can
contact BAI Focus at membership@baifocus.
Sponsorship pledges can be made to
A General Meeting to raise and discuss new
ideas on Wednesday 3rd September and will
be held upstairs at Byron Creative, 18
Centennial Circuit, opposite Byron
Entertainment Centre.
A blog has been set up for comments and
suggestions at

Saturday, August 23, 2008

the uplifting quality of joy and colour

this new piece called the uplifting quality of joy and color moving through time without restrain is currently under offer by one of my Sydney clients. I am glad to find encouragement in the new direction my work is taking.the piece is 180x60cm

A new direction in my artwork painting byron tik - art atelier

no title yet(light-working title) 120x180cm

some photos of the latest work that i am working on, as you can see I am using more paint and trying to steer away from purely figurative work evoking more dreamlike imagery. It's been a real journey finaly getting to this state of freedom in expression after studying the extremes of realism and abstract I am starting to find myself in the middle, between reality and expressive power of color. part of the process is to turn the painting around whilst I am working on it especially every time I get to caught up in a particular area.
Watch this space there is more to come